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Jesus what were the chances...in the wrong place at the wrong time..hopefully it was instant...:(


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Wow, talk about collateral the other night I was listening to a US soldiers story about his convey being blown up by an IED in Afghanistan. It took the front wheel clean off the second from front APC and it landed several hundred metres away, it went through a roof of a house and ended up in a child’s bed. Child was sleeping in it at the time and was killed instantly. The unit only realised after hearing wailing and screaming from the mother about 20 minutes later.


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On the freeway north of Melbourne a fully laden fuel tanker caught fire and it eventually exploded. One thing that I do remember is that they found the Kenworths motor 400 metres away. Fortunately this happened out in the boonies north of Wallan where there were stuff all houses.


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474.06 kg
Snap-ish...I got it to 474.67 kg but looking at the photo it doesn't look anything like 3cm thick more like 3mm. The top left hand corner has a buckled bit casting a shadow which looks more like sheet than plate.

48kg would not be so likely to collapse a floor but more likely to fly the 2 kilometres...but then it also doesn't look like a floors worth of rubble underneath...

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