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Sold: Franchi Raptor 712 Semi-auto (2+1)


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Selling one of my shotguns since getting back into rifle shooting in a big way. The shotgun is a Franchi Raptor semi-auto 2+1 12 guage. Not getting the use it deserves so I am deciding to sell and perhaps buy a Mossberg FAC shotgun that can sit in the cabinet without me feeling sorry for it!

Shotgun has a reversible gas piston for light/heavy loads, light is anything under 30g and heavy 30g or higher. Eats shells that I've tried down to 26g, and all the way up to 44g magnum (I'm sure it would be fine with heavier loads)

Overall condition is 9/10, it has been very well looked after. Minor scratch on the action, one very small dent (about 2mm) on the buttstock near the recoil pad. Fore end is immaculate and as new. Comes with a tru-glo fibre optic sight instead of the front bead

The shotgun is for 2 3/4" to 3" shells, and although there is not the Fleur de Lys symbol on the barrel it is steel-proof, however the pressure rating for the shotgun is 1176 bar, so if you want to shoot steel you must be sure you do not exceed this pressure rating. Lower pressure steel cartridges are out there such as Bismuth 3" 42g and Remington Nitro Steel

Comes with 3 chokes and tool. Chokes are 1/4, 1/2 and Full. Barrel is 28"

Length of pull is 14", and although I don't know the exact figure there is a decent amount of cast

Loads of pictures below, any further questions drop me a PM or write on here, don't mind which. I'm looking for £375, though I will consider part exchanges if people have an FAC shotgun kicking around. Preferred face to face, had enough of RFD transfers just recently though if totally necessary can RFD at buyer's cost
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