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Above is a buck that I shot back in 1996.
As is often the case with head deformities he had sufferred "trauma" to his testicles.
Body wise he was pretty decent and looking at my notes dressed out, head and feet off ( Game dealer ready ) he was just over 37lbs. Not too bad for a youngster.

All the best



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hi Ben
looking at this head, i actualy don't think this actualy a deformity as we know it, i feel this buck probaly damaged its antler while still in velvet, like broke it while it was soft causing the growth issuse around the base of the coronet as it healed itself in this such position going from velvet to hard horn, as if this was due to a testes problem the antler itself would be deformed and not match the other side, but a truly nice and unusual head
glad you kept it as a show piece ;)

The Mole

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Hi Ben

I agree with Stone - looks as though part of the pedicle has been snapped off with the antler (RTA?), hence all the heavy bone growth and odd antler angle. Certainly a very interesting head


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Looking at this fascinating mount the left pedicle from which the antler grows appears to have been fractured and healed without damage to the stem cells. The antler has grown normally although at an angle. The cycle of testosterone levels would have been normal for antler growth to have occurred. See my post on antler growth for a further explanation.

mj robson

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I had something similar, but no way near as dramatic as that, earlier this year on a large buck that I estimated as 8-10 years old.

His skull plates had been separated inbetween his antlers at some point in his life. They were fused back together and had a huge build up of calcium around the knitting point. Also the entire skull cap and around his pedicles were built up, almost like a Bailie head, to the point that his coronetts were just sitting quite close to the skull.


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