Free diseases testing for UK Wild Boar carcasses

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The FSA has introduced voluntary Trichinella testing of feral wild boar as part of its UK monitoring
scheme. This involves hunters sampling any feral wild boar that has been shot and sending the
sample to an appropriate laboratory for testing. The Agency will pay for the sampling kit, the cost
of posting the sample together with the cost of the testing. To take part in the scheme please
telephone: 0207 276 8377 or e-mail:
1 October 2008 version
Regulation (EC) 854/2004 requires Member States to carry out Trichinella testing on all animals
susceptible to Trichinellosis. Samples taken are tested within 48 hours of arrival at the laboratory
and results sent out on the same day. The FSA is seeking to have GB recognised as Trichinella
free, and thus to be exempted from the requirement to test all slaughtered pigs. However, even if
this action is successful, it will be necessary to carry out surveillance for Trichinella in feral wild
boar in order to demonstrate continuing country freedom. The Agency hopes to rely on voluntary
testing of feral wild boar by hunters.
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