Free draw, deluxe drag bag.


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Free draw, deluxe drag bag.EVEN MORE PICS ADDED

Right gents, here we have a free draw for a brand new deluxe drag bag. This is open to supporters only. This is our way of giving something back to the forum. If you're not a member of the supporters then sign up to enter.

All you have to do is reply to this thread, after a couple of weeks or so a name will be picked at random and the lucky winner will be contacted.

We are just going into production of this bag and will be advertising them on here shortly, here you have the chance to win one completely free of charge shipped to UK mainland. These will retail at £85.95 plus shipping

Bag spec,
* Heavy duty, high gloss pvc coated polyester base material.

*Velcro closures to openings. (No gaping holes)

*Side lock buckles to adjust size (No trying to thread bits of rope through little holes with cold hands)

*Reinforced area at front.

* Long removable tow straps.

* Loops at bottom to hang up for hosing out and drying.

* Creates a virtually sealed environment that should contain a carcass without leakage. Done correctly this enables you to load the bag, drag back to vehicle and lift into car boot or load area without leakage on to mats or carpet.
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Bags being made, description on post 106.

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Sounds very well made and after another annoying outing with my cheap ebay bag I'm getting close to buying something much better. Count me in and if I don't win I'll still be interested in one.


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There are images on a thead I put recently, I am not entering as I am lucky enough to have one. I'll link to my thread in a minute. This kit is seriously good. Whoever wins will be as chuffed as I am. Good on ya Rod, top man, top product