Available: Free Stalking for Police officer


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Colonel I can dress up as a police officer if you want -we have to have separate beds tho!

seriously though a great offer and a great way to introduce stalking to a novice well done!


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Something troublesome record wise you need an inside favour for wrt your next renewal?

only joking ;)

nice offer and good to involve those who regulate the sport so they can see what it’s all about

paul o'

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FREE CAR TO RACE AROUND , FREE TOYS, FREE HOW TO BEND THE KNEES TRAINING , FREE ONE LINER LESSONS ( morning sterling ) ;), FREE DOUGNUTS ,FREE COFFEE , AND NOW FREE STALKING :eek:;), BLEEDING HELL ! next thing , we will won't them to stand in harms way with a stick ??.
Well done and they need stuff to let them relax even if its only for a day top man top gift :thumb:

The Burpster

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It’s nearly that time of year so I am offering to take a police officer who has never shot a deer of any kind, out to shoot muntjac and Chinese water deer over the Christmas period. Accommodation will be free with myself. Please PM me
I’m retired now and have taken my fair share over the years so can’t be included, are you OK if I ask a few colleagues that shoot that may not be on here? Bob.