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Just got 1575 points. Anybody gonna beat that ?

It`s just as much fun landing rudolf on top of santa :lol:


paul k

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Yeah, 2850 but I nailed a lot of the little Father Christmas and Snowmen.

Just beat it with 3115 - this could get addictive!!

Ok 3665 and I'm definitely stopping now!!!

Andy L

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I cannot believe that you lot are so juvenile and have nothing better to do than play childrens computer games. This type of rubbish is one reason for the downfall of modern society!
Oh yeah, I got 9205 so there!!!!


Site Staff
I can confidently report that when the big white Beowulf lookalike thing pops up at the back and starts making a Tarzan type of noise, you get no points foir shooting him, even with multiple hits.

Of course, I could have missed Steve ;)


PS Sorry, that will be the last p***take.


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Yes JayB you need to hit him five times! :eek: As for the abominable snow man yes thats me! :lol:

How are you doing with the blue spot powder JayB?

Personal best 25120! 8)