Free standing high seat designs


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I have been trolling the net on the look out for a set of plans and a cutting list for a free standing seat (metal). Has anyone got anything like this that they have electronically? Maybe a design that they have built that works really well?

I want to have a bash at making one and wondered if there was any good designs out there?

What do you guy's use?

More pics and dimensions the better

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Free standing seats

I've been looking at similar just recently. Most os the tripod style ones with a swiwel seat look quite difficult to build. Found this one though which I reckon could be fashioned using an old ladder maybe?
The place I'm looking at though requires something permanent and big enough for comfort so I have elected to build a scaffold tower with a comfy little wooden house on the top. Will post some pics when it is done. :) [/url]


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Hello Ads

I built myself some free standing high seats from steel.
You can see them on Equipment and accessories section, page 3, high seat plans. (Don`t know how to copy the web page) doh :rolleyes: :oops: :confused:

Hope this helps. ;)



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Thanks for that stone mate, ;) i new someone would come to my rescue. It`s a good job somebody knows what they are doing around here. :lol: