Available: FREE TRIP to SERBIA Tomorrow 4 day trip All paid for Get yourself there .FREE TRIP

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865732939_o.jpg 865732974_o.jpg 865732772_o.jpg 865732715_o.jpg 865732842_o.jpg Hi got a trip 10 Guns flying LHR to Belgrade tomorrow .13:40 meet 10:30 Terminal 4 .
All Paid for £3300 4 day trip.
One guy has paid for his trip but has to go away on business .BIG Deal going down.
So his place is paid for . Accommodation , Food ,shooting 4 days ( you could even miss the first Day).
1hr 40 mins from Belgrade airport. near Sabac
Just Pay for flight , Tips £100 and drinks .

email me if your interested sportingagent@hotmail.com

What a opportunity back Sunday
MANY THANKS TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO RESPONDED WE HAD AN EXCELLENT HUNT WE SHOT 100 DRIVEN WILD BOAR IN 4 DAYS EXCELLENT TRIP GOING AGAIN ON THE 29th OF NOV Spaces available. Well done to William Carter who shot Brilliantly. 15 big Keilers see the pic of the Teeth one Silver medal Missed Gold by .07cm .What a beast.


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That's one hell of a generous offer, someone could have some cracking boar shooting for the next 4 days.
Cheap flights and a few quid in tips and you got a trip of a life time.


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Aghh I am in Slovakia at the moment but my gun is back in Germany.
Can I use big rocks and a swiss army knife instead?


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Thanks Chris we shot 100 al together for 400 shots some days we shot well others not as well. Lots of activity trains of 45 boar seen . Very exciting .
Great trip .
Thanks for your interest hopefully see you on a trip soon .
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