Freedom of Speech?


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Pete you are so right! He's such a nice guy too :confused: Honest to goodness down to earth thieving b---------rd. Tragic isn't it that the law caught up with him in a way he would never have thought :cry:
I feel so sorry for him. Why don't we all chip in to help this poor unfortunate pay his fine? :rolleyes:
Ask yourself how many other people get prosecuted in this way? You don't think he got poetic justice per chance do you?


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Pete, I dont think that freedom of speech is being interfered with here. If this man had just ranted and raved in his blog about the powers that be in general, the handling of his case by the Police and the CPS specifically than that would have been expected and understood. However when it comes to naming officers and their families and expressing views on or about them, then I think it is proper to draw the line. If the tables were reversed and comments were made about an alleged criminal and their families I am pretty sure that someone somewhere would have something to say about that.

As for the council using it's newly granted powers in a way that they were never intended, this of course has to be looked at. However if it turns out that the non-intended use of such powers is for the good of all, I would just like to point out at this juncture that I am not taking sides with the council or anybody else, than can that be such a bad thing?

With regard to the banning of demonstrations without having gained prior permission, well, I really do think that in the current world climate of terrorism and the like, a certain amount of common sense has to be applied. When there is likely to be a gathering of people in a delicate location that could provide the opportunity for violent disorder, then it would surely be an instance that would require close monitoring, and that needs organising.

It's a sign of the times we live in mate, the old fashioned idea of free speech, right to protest etc have all been consigned to the past along with leaving your door unlocked, and expecting people to respect you and your property. People now get beaten to death just for trying to stop youngsters from damaging their property. Until the Government come up with the answers for sorting out modern day society, we can forget the past and grit our teeth to face the future.

What a bloody world!

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