french hunting licence


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hi dose anynone know if the forestry commission would accept the french hunting licence as any part or substitute of dsc 1 or 2 a question came up when talking with a friend.:-|


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a similar post came about regards stalking foreign species for the l2 in other countries.
I am of the opinion the answer to your question is no.
Why, Although borders are open i dont think qualifications are transferable.
They may well decide to accept it, if they where to make a secondary on site assessment or short course here before they shot.
do let us know what the Fc says if you contact them.



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The answer for this question has a lot to do with the agreements governments have made with eachother concerning the transferability of hunting licences and diploma's.
For instance with my Dutch hunting diploma i easily can get a German or Belgian hunting licence because the governemnts of these countries have agreed that the level of study and knowledge is the same. For a Dutch hunting licence you study for about a year (going to classes once every 2 weeks) and take 5 ! exams. Exams are shooting clays (hit 18 out of 23), shoot with a high caliber rifle,standing, from sticks at a target (get 4 out of 5 in the bulls eye), walk an obstacelcourse with a gun loaded with blanks and "shoot" at clays. This has to do with safety, there are puppets slightly hidden in the woods and when you point at one you fail. Also climb over fences etc. with open gun, show you can handle a gun with care and safety, and 2 theory exams about crops, guns, species recognition, law, biotoop, diseases.... You have to pass every one of them. (on top of that i did a professional stalkers course which takes 2 years to complete)
For my British friends i can get a German or Dutch licence but one only valid for 10 days. That is because you guys do not have an official EU recognised diploma. I think it would be a good thing if the youre government and the Basc / Deer society recognised that the level we Dutch have can be transferred to the DSC1 and DSC2 :). But that has to be decided between governments and not the forestry commission i think.
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