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I put a variation in for a .270 at the beginning of March.After a couple of weeks I phoned up Headquarters at Hindlip and was told it would be 4-8 weeks before they even looked at it.
After taking Stones advice I got in touch with the FO I used before and explained to him that I had put in for a .270.I also told him that I wanted to go and look at a rifle (the one advertised on this site) and if it was what I was looking for,I wanted to put a deposit on it so the chap would keep it for me until my variation came through.I told him what stalking invites I had (in writing) and based on that he told me to go ahead and secure the rifle.(So I went and saw it and left a deposit)
The FO told me he didn't cover my area any more but he would phone Headquarters and see if they had authorised anyone to handle my variation.He phoned a few days later and said no one had, so he was going to take it over for me and we arranged there and then a date and time to meet up.That day was today.
To cut a long story short he gave me the go ahead for the .270,a European Firearm Permit and Goat and Boar on my ticket.NO PROBLEM.
A more sensible and level headed bloke you'd be hard pressed to meet.
Two interesting things came out from our meeting..

1 He told me that an RFD doesn't have to log any components for homeloading on your ticket

2 He said he only required one Stalking Invite for a deer calibre

He took my others to put on my file,but would only chase up whichever one I chose to give for him to use.This was a new one on me.

He told me he would put URGENT on the form and if I didn't have the ticket by the end of next week to phone him and he will chase them up.
I got everything I asked for and he's even going out of his way to help me.CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE

All the Best,
One Happy Gyr :D :D


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i am so happy at the result you hav got , from our chat over a pint has led to this , can't think of a better conclusion
take care and hope your ticket comes speedily as i know you are dying to get hold of this 270 nice gun tidy price RESULT


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Great result, I've also had great service from Lothian & Borders police both when I applied for my FC and a subsequent variation. There should be a ranking system really...

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Likewise have just remewed with Lothian and Borders - very helpful and efficient and also knowledgeable about stalking.


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there is a moral to this story.

Gyr did his homework, he had written invites and a written offer of mentoring, he is a decent chap and explained what he wanted and why. That is the way to get the best out of a firearms dept.



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Components for re-loading.

I got 200 6mm. V.Max. 75gr bullets off a RFD in Cumbria last night, he wrote them on to my certificate.
Any dealers I use here always make entries.



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Where in cumbria did you buy your bullet heads at as my local gunshops dont ?
A Brown sporting guns ,and Mark Gardners both in north cumbria have never put them on my FAC when i have bought section 5 bullet heads off them though they do look at my FAC.

I don't want to gloat but I put in for a variation for 22-250 for roe deer and fox control.I already have a .243 and 270.
I was granted my variation in 4 hours :lol:
All credit goes to Strathclyde police :D when I told my good buddy from Derby he couldn't believe it but its true.
In Scotland if you can give a good reason for owning a rifle they will grant a variation very quickly :lol:


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I would certainly advocate talking to FO direct. I put in my application for a variation for a 30-06 in December 2007 (also to Hindlip); I rang HQ in Jan, Feb, March and April with no luck, all very polite and they always returned calls when I left messages. I tracked down a mobile number for the FO and called him direct and what a decent chap he turned out to be, very helpful very polite and willing to help. We agreed a date for a visit there and then for a couple of weeks time. He told me he would push things through as soon as he could after the visit as I explained that I was almost out of ammunition for my other rifles. Just wish I had gone down this avenue to start with!
I don't get it why would the FAO need to visit you for a variation? They don't do that up here.They should already know what kind of cabinet you have and if you have space in the cabinet!
You boys down there get some ammount of grief
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