Hi guys,

I've only been hunting for 2 year now.
I like the UK for the fallow stalking, it's the best in the EU.
I spend far too much time and money on it, but hey, you only live once.

Joined the stalking directory mostly for the reloading.
My Steyr Mannlicher doesn't live up to its reputation on factory ammo.
Great lill gun, just doesn't shoot straight.
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I do some boar hunting in France (driven), but as said , nothing like the rush of woodstalking fallow.

Great to have found this place, and if there is any questions on hunting over on the mainland, feel free
to ask, I can always find out for you.


Hi Serge. Is there no hunting available at home? I must admit I've never heard much about sport in Belgium.
Hi Dbs,

There is, but mainly small game. As Belgium is over-populated, the possibilities are scarce and (very) expensive.

Thanks for the welcome

Salut Serge!

Ou est-ce que tu chasses en France?

I spent some of my childhood in Brussels and I remember that one day in primary school, during what we used to call « éveil” (translates roughly as “awakening”, but really proto-science for kids), one of my classmates brought along a wild boar’s head for the class to see. It had been dead for a few days judging by the look of the flat of neck skin. The teacher put it on a table at the front of the class as we filed pass to look at it. Then it fell over on its’ side and started to fall off the table! The teacher caught it by a flap of skin but you could tell she was disgusted by the whole thing. We all thought it was brilliant though.

What Steyr Mannlicher do you have? I have a brand new stutzen in 7mm-08. I had to try out a few different factory loads before finding one that worked really well. It certainly shoots straight now!
Hi Pine Marten,

Yes I've read you've had good succes with your stutzen. I shoot a Classic Mountain in 7x64.
It's back at the gunsmiths for a new bedding. Appearantly the barrel is resting on the big metal washer of the front screw.
If this doesn't cure it, it's back to Austria.
I'm fed up with this gun. Done
Done about a 1000 reloads to find the right one.
The twist rate is 1/8.6 which I think makes it very fussy on what it gets to eat.

I joined a syndicate (60 members) close to Metz. They shoot (driven) abt 270 boar and 200 roe a year.
I prefer woodland stalking, but it allows me to invite and be invited.

But as said, UK offers far more possibilities.

Speak to you later,

Metz isn't too far from Alsace, where I'm from. One of these days, I'd like to go hunting there. In fact I know specifically where I'd like to go. But it's not tremendously likely to happen anytime soon. The idiosyncratic leasing system inherited from the Germans means that it can be about as accessible as some wildfowling clubs are in the UK...