Frost Mora Clipper knives?

Monkey Spanker

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These seem very popular so I think i'd better get one or two!
Where are you all buying them from please?
Also, they seem to come in two varieties- Carbon or stainless blade :confused:
I would assume the carbon would hold a better edge but could rust if not looked after?
Thanks in advance! :)

Monkey Spanker

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sandersj89 said:
Stalkers UK sell them, they are a site sponsor and their banner is often at the top of the page.......
Found the site but they don't seem to have any? :confused:
Found a few other places that do them but can't decide whether to go for carbon or stainless? Might just get one of each and compare them!


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frost clipper knives

re frost clipper - Stalkers UK, look in their Larder equipment section they have them under gralloching knives


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I find the carbon steel version will sharpen easily and to a better standard than the stainless model.

If you are worried by the thoughts of corrosion or contamination by mineral oils - a smear of olive oil usually prevents any problem.

Rgds Ian :)