Fruits of the forest.


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If that’s a circulon pan it can be replaced under lifetime warranty - we just had one replaced which was nowhere near as knackered as that one!

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Lost me there ya nobber?
Must have just been an American thing. In the 80's there was an anti-drug campaign that played on every TV channel and what seemed like every commercial break. It started with a very serious fella holding an egg and in a very serious voice he said " This is your brain", referring to the egg. He then cracked it into a pan of hot grease and the camera closed in to show nothing but the pan with the egg frying away. Then you heard the fella say in an even more serious voice "This is your brain on drugs". I guess you had to be there. I however, as a fifteen year old hoodlum, thought it was quite humorous and even had a parody poster hanging in my room which amazingly I've found in an old poster tube (see below). IMG_20210527_144010688.jpg