Frustating Morning

I got up at 4.00am this morning with the intentions of going for a Roe Buck, after getting my self awake and out the door by 4.30 am i was confronted by thick Fog. I was hoping it was only Fog in the Valley as where i was going is quite high ground, i soon found out it was pretty much thick Fog high and low ground and then i got a break as i climbed up the hills it did disperse quickly and i got to where i intended to have a look in clear skies but it was still to dark to start my Stalk, i sat in the Truck for half an Hour and waited for the morning to wake up.At half six i could see all i wanted to so off i walked and soon came across a Deer at the far end of the Field , up with the glasses only to find it was a Doe i had a good look around but she was on her own no Buck insight.After walking the rest of the Farm without any joy i got back to my Truck and made my way to another Farm, as i drove in the gate way of a Stubble Field right infront of me was a Doe and a Twin and they soon scooted off to the cover. I parked up and walked along the edge of the Stubble field and as i turned the corner 4 adult Does took off across the field and over the hedge and on to some one else's ground, i came to the gate of an ajoining Field and at the bottom end corner was stood 2 Does and a Buck but they were to far away and it was a straight hedge line so no way could i Stalk them. Back to the Truck i drove to the other end of the Farm and walked into another Stubble Field and the was a Roe Doe and a single Kid with her this is the one i have seen in this Field on several occasions and she took her youngster off to the cover which runs along the side of this Field ,I was by now thinking my luck was out this morning and was going to be a blank on the Bucks i carried on across the Field and got to the gate as i opened it in the middle were 2 Deer and one was a good Buck i slowly got my sticks set up the Buck was 180 yards from me and stood perfect for a chest shot, he lifted his head a looked right at me i froze hoping he was going to go on feeding with the Doe as she had'nt noticed me at all,It became a wait and see moment but only for a few more seconds he gave a loud Bark and the last thing i saw was 2 white rumps bouncing over the hedge and out of sight.To my counting that was 15 Roe of one sort or another and i never got a shot , i think it must be the most i have ever seen on the Farms at any one time the future looks good for now, one thing i did notice about the last Buck was that he was in full winter coat and the Doe was half and half so winter is closing in fast now.I had to walk back to my Truck the same way as i came as that is the only way out of the Fields, and as i walked back along the side of the cover a Fox came out 93 yards in front of me and never saw me down with the sticks up with the 243, 2 Squeaks and bang a Dead Vixen not what i got up so early for but a result all the same as there is a Duck pond not to far away. It was a Frustrating morning to say the least but good to see so many Roe out and about.



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Poor old Toby, getting it in the, well right in the boiler room actually, and all because you hadn't dropped that buck and so ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

That's how it is though isn't it? Some outings you barely get out of the truck and you're in, some outings you might as well have left the rifle at home.