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So much for the British spirit - no pun intended Hereford was 'normal' this morning and I passed 2 petrol stations !
I’m too not far outside Hereford and the local station has queues outside onto the road and a £10 per vehicle limit on diesel.


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There are about 4,000 cars, not to mention vans, trucks etc. for each petrol station. If they had to fill up once a week, it's about one car per minute per station. It doesn't require many pumps to be empty for a big queue to form, even without any alleged panic buying.

People are very quick to damn those with the sense to keep their tank full, but don't seem to criticise those who don't and break down for lack of fuel all over the place. Last weekend, I got held up for 20 minutes by some woman who'd broken down in the outside lane of a motorway. That's where you find real stupidity.


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I am one of those, on fumes and can’t find anything anywhere, say in a queue now hopeful there may be some, so proud to be British today. Not.
I was the same. Way into the danger zone with the light on for a fair bit (forgot to fill up on way to work last night)


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Petrol station on the A505 near Royston must of had 30 cars in the queue. Soon be backing up in the road which is very busy at this time of day!


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Wife has just pulled 🔌 on a trip to the coast tomorrow as it’s like a scene from “Global Meltdown” out there with more chance of getting 1000 pistol primers from BP than a tank of fuel.



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Does this mean I shouldn’t go rabbiting tonight in the truck & proceed on foot to save fuel ! ! Like F _ _ _ I will 😂😂
Ha ha shouldn't laugh my poor wife has dementia and lots of ailments said this morning as we are due to go away soon, what if we can't get diesel to go, I said I will get someone from social services to push you in your wheelchair ,110 miles is nothing to them and some need the excercise , her answer Oh that will be alright then.

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Had SWMBO's car today & as is often the case, needle was at the bottom of the fuel gauge so enroute to a relaxing morning shooting clays I decided to pop into the closest Sainsbury's PFS to my route...

The queue was back out onto the main road & the forecourt packed solid, all thanks to ****ers like this filling up their car then opening the boot to fill up their cans 😡 - even more annoying was the car was a hybrid so allegedly uses less fuel than a 'normal' car!



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Maybe it because, now, nobody believes anything Boris Johnson says?

Fishing, "No border in the Irish Sea", "No Christmas Lockdon 2020, British interpreters in Afghanistan and a trade deal with the USA, Etc., Etc., Etc..

And you think now to trust what he says? It's not panic buying it's using commonsense.
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