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Sold: Full .223 set up

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white van man

Well-Known Member
I've got too many rifles so going to have a thin out.
I always grab the .243 when foxing so this rifle doesn't get used.

CZ 527 16" Varmint barrel, Laminate stock, two mags.
8x56 Docter LP4 ret illuminated just been serviced. Warne mounts.
Atec moderator.
Forster competition dies.
Over two hundred once fired Norma cases (not through this rifle) and over 100 twice fired Norma cases.
any odds & ends of cleaning bits chucked in.
Will only split if somebody wanted the rifle only

Would prefer F2F with whatever rounds I have.


£995 to your dealer.

Cheers Steve.

white van man

Well-Known Member
Hi All,

Had a few enquiries on separates so.

Rifle: £450
Scope: £400
Mod: £130
Dies: £75
Spare mag: £25
Warne Mounts: £35
Norma cases:£70

I would prefer to sell as a full set up but if not the rifle must be sold first.

Cheers Steve.

25 Sharps

Well-Known Member
If that's the price of the spare mag posted and you're now willing to split I'd like to buy it please.

if not could my name down for the mag if you do decide to split.

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