Fund raising for the Special Boat Service (SBSA)


Dear fellow hunters,


Next week a team of Aged Adventurists led by me will be leaving for North West Scotland on a sea kayak expedition to raise funds for the Special Boat Service Association (SBSA). The Special Boat Service Association (SBSA) has been in existence as a charitable organisation for the past 13 years and provides discreet welfare, physical and emotional support to serving and retired members of the Special Boat Service (SBS). Due to the nature of the SBS, the SBSA is unable to make a public appeal and therefore depends on the generosity of those individuals and organisations that appreciate and respect the very special role that the SBS is fulfilling on behalf of this country. We're targeting £15,000 and to date have raised c £12,200 inc gift aid.

The expedition will be held in the coastal waters around northwest Scotland, combined with wilderness camping on the islands of Handa and Oldany. This expedition is being held shortly after the 73rd anniversary of Operation FRANKTON conducted by the World War II 'Cockleshell Heroes', the first mission by the Royal Marines Boom Patrol Detachment, the precursor to the modern SBS.

The team and the SBSA would greatly appreciate your donations for this worthwhile charity.


Jeremy Eakin

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Hi Jeremy, While not detracting from your excellent efforts and I am sure you will enjoy it, it sounds like fun.
That sort of thing was classed as Adventure training when I served but does H4H and ABF not cover all arms of the services any more ?
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I fully agree that while serving this would be classified as adventure training. But for the civilians i.e. three bankers, a retired police inspector, a student and a former yacht captain, it will feel like an expedition when they're wet, being eaten by midges, sharing the fish they hopefully caught that day while huddling each other for warmth.

H4H, ABF, The Not Forgotten Association and Combat Stress as you rightly say do raise funds for all our services. SBSA is very focused, as is the Royal Marines CTF and close to my heart. I've been involved with the charity for many years and seen the good they do.