Galloway Game fair

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Hi Guys

Just got back from the Galloway Game Fair. Very sorry to say a graet event succumbed to wet weather but I managed to pick up a great tip.
If you have no great need of firearms support then join the Scottish Gamekeepers Society rather than BASC when you membership lapses. The insurance is the same cover but almost half the price. Also the magazine is more relevant to deer management than BASC which IMHO is more for wing shooters.



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Ah well Mark, I think just about every outside event this year has been effected by the weather. I joined the Gamekeepers Association about 4 years ago, as the insurance is the same as BASC, plus I was becoming rather dissapointed with BASC.

Thanks for the PM talk soon on the phone.


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Thanks for the heads up Mark. I'm trying to get my wife on a BASC joint membership, but they don't want to know until I finish this years membership at the end of November! What a load of crap! :(
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