Wanted: Galloway Stalking 23-25 Nov


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A long shot I know but worth a shot.

A friend and I were meant to be on a hind/doe cull 23-25 Nov in Galloway which we’d tapped onto the back of a work trip, but unfortunately due to some ancient wind turbines in the area it’s looking highly likely it will be postponed. As our accommodation is already booked and we’re in the area I was wondering if anyone has anything available?

I’m really keen to get something if possible as I was going to use the cull as a consolidation of my skills before my AW stalk next month.

We’re both DSC1 (and actively working towards DSC2), fully insured and own our own deer calibre rifles.

Many thanks
Plus one for Colin either through the forum or facebook. Also Galloway Country Sports in Stranraer or Chris at South Ayrshire stalking.