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not sure how much these things cost to buy new but when i was walking through the isles of B&Q i stopped at the section where they sell stainless steel rods.

i bought 1 for approx £3.50 ish which was 10 mm diametre and about a metre in length. 8 mmm was also availiable.

stuck it in my vice, started to bend the thing from the middle in kind of coat-hanger type shape and with a lump hammer smashed the ends upwards to hold in place at the hocks.

took about 10 minutes from start to finish plus another 2 minutes just to file the sharp bits away from cutting the exess bar.



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Xim, well done.
A company that I worked for threw out dozens of short lengths of 8mm galvanised rod, so my raw material was free. As you said, ten minutes with a vice and hammer and it's done.
Mine will hold a roe comfortably without bending in the middle, but probably not a big fallow, red or sika.
However, the big three don't come my way so am not worried.


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Hi guys,

My local butcher gave me some mild steel ones that are used on sheep, then i decided to make a Stainless steel one at work, I copied the design from a picture of a comercialy made one and welded a cross brace across it for strength, it looked great but i didnt make it wide enough so i couldn't get inside the Roe carcass very easilly. learn from my mistakes and try and measure a comercial one first.


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uhh i need to work out how to post an image or somthing

or into a URL whatever that is


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They are dead easy to make, even easier if you can heat the metal up. get 50 cm of 10mm SS Bar. heat in the middle, bend 90 degrees over the back of 2 inch angle, heat 2 inches from each end then bend 90 degrees the other way each end. There you go, no messing about welding in supporting braces. I have had 2 large roe on one and it is more than strong enough to take it.

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