Game advanced clothing manufacturer


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Anyone bought one of their Smocks, they look to be a copy of another well known brand of smock

I believe you get what you pay for but I can but 4 of these for the price of the other well known brand.

If you have used one I would be interested in your thoughts please.

The gentleman in the shop said if it leaks he will credit me the money and return it to the manufacturers

I believe they are based in Scotland but clothes are manufactured in india / Pakistan


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I was asking if people had any knollage of these coats, if the guy was asking if they had a website, would suggest he has no knollage of the coat.
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I vaguely thought that I remembered the name from seeing it at, I think, a game/country fair.

The website helped me jog my memory - thanks.

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they are towards the bottom end of the market - they sell reasonably nice looking 'country' clothing thats functional and the materials are relatively robust. great for mooching about the town or livestock market in crap weather.

what you are not buying is a high performance, technical stuff that can cope with high levels of activity - walking up a hill in Scotland carrying a rifle, and daysack. you'll sweat like a pig.

theres definitely an existing thread about the Game Smock, its here GAME Clothing - Anyone got any?
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