Game Dealer Prices In Hampshire


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where you based, remember some offer more but you have to wait for your money, I use whites rabbits, cash or cheque on the day never had a problem, Mike JELLEN has taken roe off me before, very nice to deal with.


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£2.24 fallow, £2.64 roe this morning, chest shot cash in hand, might not be the best price, but on my way home.


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Vickers game are well into west Berkshire,
hampshire game always give me a good and fair price,
Robinson's the butcher in Stockbridge also gives a very good price for deer.
hope this helps



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Blackmoor Game are 15 miles from Petersfield in Upper Wield. Their prices don't fluctuate and they are not picky with shot placement (within reason obviously). I think they pay £1.20 per lb for Roe.