Game Hoist for larder


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good idea that Pete E
do not buy the hand held gamble and hoist from bush wear such a struggle even for a roe especially if you hav to drag it an extra hundred metres to find the nearest suitable branch to hang it from
i am about to fit an electric winch from tool mart a bit more money but a great deal easier to use
just remember you only grow old once so why struggle doing it


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Thanks for your comments so far chaps, I have a chain hoist at the moment but a bit big and bulky and yes there is the hygiene question. Not too much of an issue with me at the moment as family and friends seem to make short work of my venison ;)
I just thought a smaller rope pully might be handier, must confess not thought about the winch idea Pete.


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Reds and Roe.I have quite a tall building for a larder and hang from a 9''x4'' beam 10 ft high. Only had 1 red stag hung at any one time, but often a couple of Roe.
I think I am going to go with the winch idea and do away with my chain hoist. Its handy to be able to lift and lower the carcass a bit when skining especially a big red, saves a bit of back ache :D .
thanks for your help and ideas,


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I'm a manufacturer of modular deer larders and i fit electric hoists to all of them. I buy them from a company called Norhtern tool + equipment and they currently have a sale on - a 200kg capacity hoist will cost you £84.14 + vat. Its a no-brainer in my book, dead easy to fit especially to that beam you hang your carcasses to.

Hope thats a useful suggestion

Mr Fish


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i know you get what you pay for but just seen netto have got electric hoist,s in stock at the moment 125kg-250kg remote control 230v/500w
£39.99 while stocks last.


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Fitted an electric winch this afternoon from Northern Tools the 400 kg model, smaller one out of stock. No worries on the biggest stag now :D
thanks to all with their posts on this, great help. :)
Regards FB