Game syndicate going rate?


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Hi all I have been offered a gun in a syndicate that has 5 main days of around 100 birds 1 cock day and a walk around at the end of the season. There are 8 guns. I'm wondering what it's worth?
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You don’t say if the syndicate is stand one beat one, does it involve work parties or will you just stand each drive on each of the days.
If it’s a work party stand one beat one syndicate then I would think somewhere in the region of £800 to £1000. If it’s stand each drive then I would work on 500 birds x £30/bird divided by 8 guns for the main days.

Hope this helps some.
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Far too many things to take into account, its like asking how long is a piece of string. Its only worth what you are wanting to pay for it!


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Yep, it costs what they spend on it. Does it have a salaried keeper, full or part time? What's the terrain like, i.e. how many birds do they have to release to get those figures? Is the land rented or not? Do they provide food? Do they pay beaters and pickers up?

Very hard to say. If the company and craic there is good and it's all the more enjoyable for that, I for one would pay a bit more. I guess you can also tell if the price is about right by the number of guns that keep coming back. But howy308 has it right. If the amount is what you want to pay for what is on offer, happy days!


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As above, loads of factors - mainly how many birds are going down to make up those days? Always going to be around the £30 per bird area though

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5 x 100 bird days is about £1800 in a syndicate if its run be the members and they do there own keeping feeding etc


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As others have sai too many things to take into account to give an accurate price or wether that price is good value to yourself.

1 thing i do notice is that many of these larger syndicates basing themselves on 100+ birds days is quite often early season they're only just slightly over the bag but by late season are well under the estimated bag.
So if the price is estimated on shooting around the bag every day ur possibly over paying for the birds.
It all depends how much cheaper it is than going somewhere and buying 5x100 bird days and having no hassle/worries/work parties etc


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A small one hundred day syndicate can be a lot of fun. But as others says what is your input in labour and, if that matters to you (it does to me) who shares the bag at the end of he day? Shared between guns and beaters? Or a brace for the guns and the rest to market?

If they indicate five x one hundred bird days then unless they border a established shoot that also puts a lot of birds down you'll be maybe putting down one thousand plus birds at least..maybe one and a half thousand? What is the subscription that you are being asked? And if you pay beaters is that also 30-00 to 40-00 a day on top?

Also the "extras" can be worthwhile if you are local. Pigeon decoying, roost shooting at end of season and if it appeals (it doesn't to me) lamping for foxes and/or lamping for rabbits (that does appeal). So don't just look at the picture on the lid for the box look at what's also inside the box.

If there is put down duck shooting it wouldn't appeal at all, for example, whereas others like that. OTOH is it has flight ponds and you've the right to have co-ordinated duch evening on truly wild incoming duck that would be good sport. And only the cost of the one box of bismuth per season!

Countryboy's advice is sound. Assess the extras. The plus and the minus, good, or bad, and then decide.
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5 x 100 bird days is about £1800 in a syndicate if its run be the members and they do there own keeping feeding etc

Just to add unless bird prices are expensive in ur area or it is a great group of folk/fantastic ground, that seems dear to me.

U might be better off forming a roving syndicate so same guns, but with a bit of luck u could prob shot 6x100 birds days for 1800 with absolutely no hassle or worries about vermin or where birds wandering too.

I will add not every shoot/estate would welcome selling a 100 bird day as is quite small to be commercially vaible.

It all depends wot u want, but not many small shoots can shoot 100 bird days all season, many could well be down to 50-60 bird days by Jan, still a cracking sized day, but just when u've paid 100 bird day prices for it 5 months earlier

DIY syndicates offer some really cheap shooting and great fun at small to medium bag days, when the bags creep up quite often aren't just as good value as putting quite a lot of birds down and u really need a decent keeper/shoot captain and plenty folk helping put feed out and dog in etc, which often doesnae happen


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Roughly £ 2500 -£ 3000 depending on how well run the shoot is, quality of birds, lunch, "keepers tip" etc. Lots of variables, have you shot/beat/picked up on this shoot before?
Beating on a shoot is can be a good way of finding out if its worth buying a syndicate place.


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5 times 100 times £35 a bird divided by 8 is @2187 Throw in the walk round free assume driven

bit less if walk/stand but +- 300 its £1800



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The first reply was the most informed for a fun time. Valuing shooting by the bird is the death knell of sporting shooting.