Gamekeeper DVD


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Does anyone have the above tv series, which was on in the late 90's, on dvd that they would sell or lend to me? It was filmed in Blair Atholl and featured gamekeeper Charlie Pirie.

I have been looking for it for some time but so far have drawn a blank. I have had the book for many years but somehow never saw much of the series when it was on the box.

MAny thanks



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You might find a bootleg copy on Ebay. I found Jack's Game a while ago. Might be worth a trawl.


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the brother inlaw taped the whole series on vhs
i will drop him a line tomorrow , to see if he still has it
you might be in luck ;)


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I got a bootleg copy of this a while back on DVD thorough eBay (my first and last purchase of cheap DVDs on eBay - I didn't realise it was bootleg until it arrived (honestly, your honour!)). It's a good series though.

If I remember correctly, there may be an episode missing, but what do you expect!

If you PM me a contact address I'll send it to you.


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Hi All, I would be interested in a copy also as my Video copy was destroyed when we had a flood from the bathroom above the storage area.


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irishgun said:
me too .who played the sound track ..was it a group called black horse .
i might be miles off .
The group is called Iron Horse and the album is called Voice of the Land