Wanted: Gamekeeping Job Required


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Hello everybody,
I have 6 years experience working outdoors on estates and am experienced in all forms of gamekeeping on the upland and lowland, including vermin control, habitat management, heather burning, deer management/stalking, running of shoot days, estate maintenance and all other aspects involved in being a gamekeeper.

I have completed a level 3 diploma in countryside management and gamekeeping at Newton Rigg College, and have 5-6 years practical experience that I have gained on several estates on the Highland in Scotland, the low ground in Northumberland and on a large shoot in belgium.

If anybody could help me find employment that would be fantastic.
Many Thanks
Asa Howe


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I have no issue with your looking for employment on this site, and I wish you well with your endevours.

HOWEVER.................Please make an introduction as PER SITE RULES. You would have been reminded of this when you joined. Please attend to it.


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I would imagine he would be snowed under with job offers from our kind and generous members on SD??