Available: GAP180 Deer Culling Week-end and days in North Herts & South Cambs.


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[h=2]I have a few vacancies for culling week-ends and days In October/November that will be mainly be from high seats for Fallow and Munties, Trophy animals are available at extra cost (PM for list). No shot fee on any cull beast. The normal course of events is arrive Friday lunch time, zero test and introduction. The weekend will then consist of four outings, Friday PM, Saturday AM & PM, Sunday AM, leave after full fat breakfast. There will be a meal in our club house after each outing, you are welcome to sleep in our bunk house but you will need a sleeping bag. No excessive alcohol consumption will be permitted.
All animals remain property of the estate but you may buy animals at game dealer rates. Complete price of £300 for a weekend or £150 per day. Any lost or wounded animal and damaged venison to be paid for (i.e. not rib shot) We have over 50 high seats and last year culled 145 deer in 430 outings. Many SD members have been in the past and have written favourable reports about us. Search this site under GAP180 or GAP 180 and you can see what others have said who have been to stay with us.

We also take people in the initial stages of their hunting career and help with FAC application.

Dates Available

Oct 11 – 12 – 13
Nov 1-2-3, 6 –7 – 8 – 9 – 10, 15 -16 - 17

If these dates are inconvenient and you are interested please contact me as I may be able to fit in on other dates.

Please pm me if you are interested. [/h]


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count me in!!
I'm fit and well, so raring to go
Are 50/50 and Godfather going?
it'll be great to catch up with everyone again.

If anyone's looking at the ad and wondering if its any good, trust me it is.
I wrote up about it last year, really nice bunch of guys, loads of food, lots of deer, what more do you need???


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Godfather booked in.

50/50 Has gone home to New Zealand.

Normal crowd has booked in.

We have a new fridge and taken over another farm in South Cambs.


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Hi is it just high seat stalking, as I find it hard to use high seat due to an old leg injury?

Cheers Murray


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Murray, yes mainly high seats due to footpaths, there are a few stalks but I cannot guarantee stalking each time.

All high seats are 4 foot wide and well maintained.


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Hi Guys Just a few lines to let everyone know how good GAP180 is. I have booked up again this year this will be my 4th time in 3 years and I have never came away disappointed yet. I have shot trophy heads fallow deer and muntjack on every visit. The way it is organised by Paul and Alan is fantastic picked up in the morning dropped off at your high seat and collected at the end of the session. I have always seen deer on every outing and most times with a choice of which animal to take. The food prepared by Alan is first class and so is the accomadation. I only wish I lived closer as I would be out at every opportunity. I will see you guys first week in November and very much looking forward to it in fact I cannot wait to be there. Ron