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Sold: Garage clearout. Lots of goodies.


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Stuff that is in new or very good condition, that is unlikely to be used.

1. Unknown make scope cover. 12” limp, just over 13” stretched. New. £8 posted. SOLD

2. Flambeau game and shell carrier. Webbing system that I bought for pike fishing the Fenns. New. £12 posted.

3. Padded 12g heavy duty cartridge belt. Just fits me with a 36” waist and with a fleece on. New £5 posted.

4. Vanguard bino covers. New £6 posted.

5. Hawke flip up cover. No3 41mm internal with amber lens. New £5 posted.

6. Ludicrous lumens IR pill for T38 or T50. Light use. £10 posted. SOLD

7. Bisley eye peice. New and never used without packaging. £6 posted. SOLD

8. Revolving bucket lid. Never used. 29.5cm internal measurement. £7 posted. SOLD

9. Fud crow decoys. Used a couple of times. Like new. £15 posted. SOLD

10. Fud magpie decoys. Used a couple of times. Like new £15 posted. SOLD

11. Hawke LRF 400 rangefinder. Only used for setting up range targets and never on a hunt so very good used condition. New battery. £75 posted. SOLD

12. Deben 140cm lamping set up. Kit includes everything you need, namely 140cm rifle mounted lamp, two red filters (one brand new) tracer 14ah littium battery & case, 30mm deben scope mount, charger, cig lighter adaptor, viper tactical belt and additional pouch. Lamp has upgraded 100w bulb and comes with standard 50w original. Battery has been looked after and will last a 6 hour session of on off use. £120 posted. SOLD

13. Deben tracer hand spotter with lead and red filter. Upgraded 100w bulb. Lamp lense kept falling out so I superglued it causing it to go cloudy, hence £10 posted.SOLD

14. Home made ratting NV set up. Essentially used this to great effect while stationary on the farm with a non fac airgun until I overtightened the pulsar challenger adaptor causing the brittle scope clamp to snap. I have since removed the T38. So while needing a T38 and a pulsar attachment, there is a £60 high end NV (think Sony) camera in there,the beauty of this set up is that it all sits neatly on a deben mount with only one wire to a deben battery for hours of use. The ultimate armchair set up. £30 posted. SOLD

Would do a deal if 12, 13 and 14 were bought togethor.

Lots of pics to follow.

Any questions shout.

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Is the battery for the nv a 18650?
Yes and no. The NV requires a T38 IR torch (not supplied) that goes in the middle clamp so a 18650 will be needed for that.

However due to the poor battery life/performance by using a 18650 power supply to power the NV screen and unit, I rewired it to run off decent Deben 14ah battery which lasted for hours. The NV kit comes with a Deben lead to plug straight into a Deben battery source.