Garmin Astro 320 problem solved


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If you buy or already bought one of these units, all the problems have been solved, already done 2 units for friends and worked fine.

Inbox me if you need yours done




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Thanks Mark
i have passed your details on to one of our members who is having problems with his new garmin,



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Mine was one of the systems 'fixed', I didn't expect it to work out of the box, but everything I'd ready said it was an easy fix.
Well in my eyes it was anything but.
Thankfully Mark is a bit of s whizz on things like this.


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If I was you, I would buy the Astro 320, we can fix the issues on that model, there is also the Alpha 100, somebody, is sending me one to be fixed, I will report shortly on that unit.
I use the sportdog training and GPS unit now as I was sick of the Garmin version not having maps. I also had a breakdown with the Garmin that ended up with a expensive fix.
The sportdog has been great, a perfect training aid.


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Maps are readily available for the Garmin, I have full OS for mine for the whole UK inc national parks, I’ve also recently bought one for my recent trip to Germany!

The Garmin 320 is pretty bombproof as long as you don’t update it.