Gary's First Center Fire Fox


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Went out lamping with Gary S off the forum late on Saturday night, unfortunatley it was blowing
a absolute gale
which made the rabbits ultra twitchy even with the red filter on so after shooting
five we moved on to my Pheasant shoot to see if we could see a fox as the recent cold weather has
started them moving again after a quiet couple of months.We saw nothing on the firsat circuit of my
ground but on the second Gary picked up a pair of eyes in a very dense wood on a hillside, the fox was not bothered by the lamp and luckily paused in a clearing at 90 yards , Gary took the shot and
the 85 grain bullet from my .243 nearly decapitated the fox:D This fox upon examination was a really old vixen that i have been after for ages , but what really made me happy was that this was Gary's
first fox with a centerfire :D.Well done mate.


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The picture of the offending vixen that has been showing itself for about the last 3 or 4 months, maybe your duck flighting pond will pick up now Chris!