Gator advice


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Hi all I'm looking for some strong waterproof but quiet gators. What can you advise?
Regards Dan

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I've got the seeland ones. I got them second hand and have been using them beating for 2 seasons now and they look like new. Would recommend.


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I’ve got the Monarch Munroe gaiters. I’ve not tried them yet as I got them for Christmas but they get quality reviews and have a good following on here.

Harry mac

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Keep your fingers clear of the jaws, and if you have to pursue them in shallow water, wear waders or a decent pair of gaiters.
I too am using the Monarch Monro gaiters and really like them. As with any zip gaiters it is a tiny fiddle to put them on but once on they are great. Mine have only done a limited number of days so far but have been out in snow, Heather hillsides, forestry and so on and while they haven't enough use for a review first impressions are very positive.


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Ah, stalking in bramble? If it's silent and strong you're after, and thornproof, then you'd best get some decent hide and make or have made a proper leather pair, not from that weak Spanish hide either...


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#1 for macgaiters. 5 years old and still going strong. Just don't wear them in summer as they are a tad on the warm side.....


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We have had the same John Deer gaiter for the last 12yrs and its still going strong. It's driven at least 3 hours a day (except Christmas Day and New Years Day) and we even tow other equipment with it. and it's quite


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Was going to recommend Hamish's Black Islanders also, but op wanted quiet - and for using in brambles - thornproof sure, but hard to find suitable material other than robust suede leather that will be quiet in brambles?