GDK cabinets...


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i am looking into getting a new cabinet as I've acquired a lot more rifles than i probably should have over the last couple of months but… that aside as I've bought a load of new rifles money is limited…

i currently have a 5 shotgun bratonsound cabinet and need an 8 gun extra deep one.

I've been trolling through ebay and a company called GDK keep popping up as very reasonable and wondered if anyone has one and if they are any good?

all info useful.



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if you look bottom left theres a thread there about them ,i dont know them at all i just spotted it,doug,ps i have a buffalo river one and thats perfect for me i have three scoped rifles and a shottie in there and theres still room for another i think 243 ack on here does deals on those,good luck doug,


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Have several of there 5-6 gun safes and an ammo safe, they are double bolt with lined doors, not single skin like some, got them of ebay, they are all good quality and well made IMO