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These are the 3 roe I have taken off my permission this season, they all have the same characteristic 'S' shape in the antlers.
Are these just a 'local' thing i.e North Herefordshire ( yes we do have them here) or are there similar localised formations??

You thoughts and comments would be of interest


paul k

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There is certainly some genetic component to antler shape. If you read the older books you will see clear differences between Dorset and Sussex heads for example. Dorset heads were lyre shaped and elegant whereas Sussex heads were narrower and more massive.

I think what might be making the whole subject more difficult is that populations are expanding and merging and this is further complicated by the introduction of stock to new areas.

As far as I know the stock in North Herefordshire was the result of such an introduction and without knowing the source it's difficult to know where the genetic origins of your deer lie.

Notwithstanding this, as I said there is a genetic component and you can expect to see these manifested through a population. What immediately strikes me is that all of these heads are weak in the beam and coronets as well as having a similar shape to them. Do you ever see a good head in this area?
There is a better head and we have left him, it was only a brief glimpse from the rear. There is also a 'spiker' there so we will see what he turns out like next year , if he is still there.

Thanks for the reply