Gentry or Dakota 98, 3 pos. safety


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Hi All,
Does any one know where in Europe I can get a mauser 98 3 pos. safety? Midway uk seems to have disappeared and all the US operators will not export to the UK? So I am struggling a bit I am looking at Recknagel via Alan Rhone but if there are alternatives I would be interested. Or if anyone in the UK has one they would be willing to sell?

Regards - Karamoja

brock and norris

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Give Alan Rhone a call in Wrexham, they distribute Recknaegel and they do some VERY nice 3 positional safties and components for Mauser 98s. Alan normally has it on the shelf if not it is normally there in 48hrs,Yours respectfully Mike Norris Brock and Norris Custom Rifles


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You can get numerous variations at Alan rhone, £195 plus fitting, add milling cocking piece, add bluing. Rough total, ish £300+


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I imported a Dakota 3-position Mauser safety from Brownells a couple of years ago. All I had to do was fill in some (simple) forms to get an export license. Brownells provided these and to be sure of no problems at the UK end an email to the Department of Business Innovation & Skills (BIS) got me a letter saying that there wouldn't be a problem. All told I paid less in US dollars than it would have cost in GB £, including shipping etc. The Dakota safety took engraving really well, including 'SAFE' in gold and after rust bluing looks very good.