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Waking up to yet again another.....Ansbach, Germany....Just wondering if this is just the beginning.....

Remembering Germany in the 80s and early 90s, what a beautiful country, yea you had the red army faction, but nothing like this Trojan Horse....its like hundreds of years of history and civilization thrown into the toilet bowl with one person being allowed to pull the chain....

Just sad...
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I was talking with friends when I was last over in Germany in June, they say it's not a good place to be at the moment.

There is is real hatered in Germany and my good friend who lives in Ansbach and he tells me Germany is on the brink of civil war over in immigration problem, taxes and serious crime levels both petty and organised.

Ansbach is a beautiful city having visited a couple of years ago.

Great sadness.


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I used to stay in Ansbach when I worked for a company in a nearby village during the mid 1970's & was not far away in Dinkelsbuhl last year. Lovely country with superb historic towns.
Shame on these killers & destructive fools.


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I was based near paderborn for a fare few years from 78 to 88, loved the beer,girls and the country, fantastic place where I made many friends,

been back many times but it changes every time I return, back over their later this year so will see and hear what it's like now,



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Read the Bild Zeitung today, the munich shooter had ordered a the glock through the "darknet" .... of course another discussion was started about getting stricter gun laws. Germany apparently has 5.8million legally held firearms. It was also mentioned that there are about 20 million illegal firearms in Germany but there was no mentioning that something should be done about those firearms. As long as that is the attitude we will never have an improvement.


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Because they know they can do nothing at all about the illegal guns, but they don't want to admit that so they'll come down on legally held guns and publish spin.