Get land permission from the police (help needed)


Hello gents and if we're lucky, ladies,

Im a newbie to the sport only been shooting real guns for just over a year but had my air rifle for a while now been using it for pest control.

i joined a gun club last year (steadhall) and applied for my licence got it through and then got myself a .22 on the intent of going rabbiting. :lol:

Im a member of basc and have done abit of rabbiting with the air rifle but im just not getting the distances i want.

so i sent my land permission from my farmers to the police with my purchase letter for my bruno,
after a month i final rang them asking about it and got told they dont feel comfortable giving me the permission with a rimfire, even though id show my charactor as responsible to the farm through my time shooting with the air rifle, enough so that i was willing to write me a letter saying such.

any advice anyone could give me would be muchly appricated
Yours sincerly


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As you are 24, age/maturity doesn't enter into it. Rather than a telephone call - which has already received the brush off and can't be referred to - write them a letter asking for some action. If they then give you a reason or actually state what you have already been told, that they 'don't feel comfortable', (never seen that in the Firearms Act or HO Guidance! :rolleyes:), then go to BASC for advice.

BTW. I'm getting the feeling from the replies to a number of threads where BASC members are asking for assistance with FAC matters, that they are willing to give advice but generally don't want to get involved. SACS appear to be much more proactive and willing to stand up for their people - just IMO.

What force is this? maybe a forum member in your area can give an idea of how they normally perform.


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Dri, You need to get the reason for refusal from your FEO in a letter/email. It does not seem clear to me if they have refused to clear the land or you to shoot on it? If it's the land they have refused then go out door knocking and get some more rabbiting and re-apply. If they think that you are the problem, then ring BASC firearms dept for advice. I find them exceedingly helpful.

Why are you asking this on a stalking site?



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So you already have your licence for .22rf and bought a rifle but they won't clear the land... is that what you're saying? :confused:

If so, give it a few more months then ask for open ticket.
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if the land is cleared nd is not an issue i would suggest finding someone to go out lampingwith 2 or 3 times, log what happened as proof and then inform them that you now have experiece with rimfires, maby with a letter from whoever you went wih sayin how responcible and safe you were.


Thanks for the advice, i sent a request to BASC to help me out and they said to make sure i ONLY write to them and dont ring them, as they can give you the brush off without actually looking into your case. Plus BASC said its always good to have a writen copy of everything they say.

BTW im under the heel of West Yorkshire police.