Get that 'King dog under control


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Can't see that anyone has done this yet...



eggy s

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It boggles the mind that people think its ok to walk their dogs off the lead there.


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That brightened up my day! You could really hear in his voice the panic following realisation and enormity of what he had let happen. Lucky it wasn't in the rut or there could have been a little dog called Benson hanging of a stags antlers!

Even the camera man had a chuckle!


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just spat my tea all over my monitor:rofl: why would you just let your dog do that it could have been alot worse running down towards them cars


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Brilliant and i have been in a similar situation with the terriers head strong buggers and god they can get off a lead or out of a collar when you least want them two. Pour chap.

I think this one would win money on you have been framed.
No harm done just giving the deer extra exercise.



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:rofl:Did anyone catch the name of the dog!
Apparently it was called Benton. Fern Cotton had the tape on radio one this morning.
I bet there was at least one person who phoned the law saying he was coursing the deer!!
Have to blame the owner, not the dog. He should have had it on the lead.


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Why keep shouting the dog's name?

The bloody dog knows it's called Benton! Its probably running after the deer thinking 'what a great name I have, I really, really like it the more I hear it, it even sounds okay in a kind of panicked, screetchy sort of tone...'

He should have tried a command.... like 'come here!!!


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Haha.....At least it was a fat slow Lab.....I was there takin pics a couple of years ago and a wirehaired lurcher was coursing them, and there was red and fallow with antlers there (they only bring them back after the rut from what I gather). Anyway, this lurcher was a jacker, It was right in with the herd and didn't grab one(thankfully), but I had my Pointer x Greyhound, on TWO leads, and he really wanted to show it what to do!!

Before anyone says, I use him for lamping rabbits, but with the ability to deal with the foxes I shoot. And as where I stalk there are alot of roads if a deer is injured I like it to be caught in double time!!

Dan Gliballs

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You would've needed to give the dog a good couple of feet lead. It was shifting.

Its true what they say, there are more bad handlers than bad dogs.



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It still makes me laugh when I watch it although I notice that the video is now private, however other people are posting the same video on youtube!

My favourite comment on youtube is:

Victims loose the ability to hear and respond to their name. The owner is using a very good technique of calling on Jesus for help since he's the only one who could get Fenton from chasing those super cool deer.


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here's the original:



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This remix made tears run down my face

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Why the fek do people assume that they have the right to do as they please.
Obviously this twat thought that letting the dog off the lead with deer in close proximity was a good idea and that 'no not my dog' i have complete command at all time
Then you see they start to gallop towards the cars:cry:What a twat,poor fenton i bet he got throttled off camera.
O jesus christ:D