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Hi all, this is something I've been asked about again over the weekend so I thought I'd throw it up here and see who else would be interested.

OK, so I've sorted some budget prices for Namibia for 2009 and while I'm still waiting for Nature Conservation to approve our request, remain hopeful that we will end up with two large territories in Damaraland as well as one in Kokoland for planes game hunting on the open-range.

We sorted some budget prices for Namibia already, details of the cheap hunting prices are at http://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3043 and I'm over in South Africa in October when I hope to sort some more while I'm there.

OK, so I was chatting to a chap at the gun club yesterday who'd love to come over, but neither his wife or any of his friends are interested / able to make it. He'd love to come but feels that his experience would be better if he shared it - and I know what he means!

So, what I'm getting to is if you are in the same position and would like to come hunting with us in Africa, but would prefer not to travel and experience it alone, I'm happy to set up some group trips of 4-6 hunters which I'll also come over with for those that would rather be in a gang, so to speak - no hoodies allowed!

I know it's all about chemistry sometimes, but we're blokes and all of a like-mind (I think) and if we rotate round so that you're hunting with different people each day, we should all have a great time!

I've no concrete suggestions regarding duration, species type and so on as this is your trip, not mine, but I'll happily organise trips for either 7 or 10 days as discussed and can currently schedule these for:

April 09
June 09
Oct 09

During the June trip I will be going Hyaena Hunting as well as jackal hunting too - which I do at night with a pest control ticket from local nature conservation, and this will be in addition to planes game hunting during the day.

If you're interested, please feel free to let me know - and for those that have already expressed an interest, sorry for the delay in me getting this out online - life kinda got in the way, sorry!

Cheers folks



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OK folks, I've got a few guys interested in these trips now although the dates have changed a bit - it's April, June and September now and we're off to Namibia and South Africa.

I'm just building websites for the Outfitters now, one being Mawana Wildlife Reserve in KZN and the other being a tented safari over open-range in Damaraland (june) and Kaokoland (Sept) both of which are unique to our Agency.

If you fancy coming over on a group-trip - now's the time fella's!