Getting nickel plated brass in UK (for 38 spec or 357 mag)? Cant find any available.


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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone knew a place that I can get nickel plated brass in 38 spec or 357 mag?

I want it purely for the silver look- just for fun. But cannot seem to find anyone selling them.

Cheers all!
It might look good, but assuming you handload, it is markedly inferior to plain brass. The plating process affects the grain structure of the brass making it less ductile and more brittle changing its neck / mouth tension and shortening its life considerably. In straight-wall pistol cartridges, the plating is also prone to flaking at the case-mouth as a result of belling and loose flakes can ruin a sizer die without any trouble.

There are only three reasons for nickel plated brass: bling (a bad reason); use in very humid dirty environments to avoid corrosion; and the third and original reason, where rounds sit for extended periods in looped leather cartridge belts or similar. The plating avoids a leather to brass chemical interaction that produces verdigris and other undesirable contaminants on the brass with a need to regularly remove and clean the rounds.
I've got a few bags of nickel plated .38 cases from years ago.

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Mine all came from Magtec ammunition. Bought, figured, reloaded. If you can't find it as just cases, that may be an option.