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How difficult should it be to obtain stalking? As an experienced shot with a DSC 1 plus a Range Conducting Officer's certificate to show safety etc and a history of competition shooting it seems impossible to get any stalking. I've got some stalking experience from working alone on family land but want to gain more experience and work towards my DSC 2 so need accompanied stalking.

Numerous commercial organisations who advertise with BASC or Shooting Times have taken my contact details and said someone (usually the stalker) will call back to arrange a date but so far none have responded other than to say they haven't got the diary with them but will phone back when they're in the office. Now having won a day out via the BDS auction I'm starting to wonder "IS IT ME?". :cry: Numerous calls to the BDS, estate contact and estate office and having been promised a call back at a certain time and still I'm sat here feeling an idiot - BDS have my cash (to give them their due they've chased the estate and said I can have a refund if nothing is resolved) but the estate don't seem able to pick up the phone. Apparently they didn't return my initial call straight away because they didn't think I'd want to take up the offer for a few months - why would the date I actually want to stalk relevent to when they return my call? :confused:

Is it just me or are others having difficulties too? Is there a lack of "good customer services" in the commercial stalking world? Please tell me I've just been unlucky (although after trying to make contact with more than 5 individuals/companies who advertise in the shooting press I'm past feeling unlucky)! Does anyone know of someone in the South West who is likely to take a potential customer seriously and return calls etc.

Yours, still hoping,

Chris B


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I'm not 100% positive but, I believe that Malcolm, on this site, has land in the SW somewhere, give him a try.



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Chris B. Malcolm is still visiting this site, drop me a PM and he has told me that he will contact you direct and have a chat, there is a possability he may be able to help you this winter.

Andy L

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I am down in Kent and, although the fallow numbers are on the increase, obtaining stalking permission is extremely difficult. I have been knocking on doors for the last 4 months in the hope of finding the right farmer but with little success. If anyone knows of any stalking available for lease in my neck of the woods (Kent/Sussex) then I would appreciate it if you could let me know. I am happy to pay for it, carry out vermin control etc. Just be nice to get the opportunity!


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It takes a lot of effort to get started but once you have some shooting more always seems to follow so much so that for me I now have too much and have to keep passing it on.

Never offer to pay. The most it should cost is half the value of what you shoot. By paying you are increasing the value of the shooting in the farmers eyes and it means everyone suffers.

Drive round in the early mornings and see where the deer are - any large numbers indicate a lack of management and good possibilities for you.

That is how I started and then you go to the neighbouring farmers and introduce yourself and show him your shooting wagon. Say that if he sees you he will know who it is that is shooting the deer for XYZ. I be at least one of your new neighbours will say come and shoot mine as well.

Once the momentum is there it is easy, but starting takes a lot of leg work, a lot of petrol, and an awful lot of time.

Good Luck


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You are not alone in thinking is it me? If you go to one land owner they may say 'show me a management plan and risk assessments' go to another and show them a management plan and the next question is 'are you from the Ministery'?
Cagey lot these farmers, doesn't help either when, like in my position, you live in an area smack bang centre of the map between three big estates. They own everything for miles and have there own people. 'Clicky' isn't the word for it! I've helped on shoots beating, done a bit of other work for them. Plenty of promises but nothing substantial.
You just don't give up though, somewhere along the line you will get your foot in the door.
I've asked the BDS, BASC, local stalking outfits all for nothing. This site has given me more opportunies in three months than I've experienced in ten years going through the traditional methods.
Good luck mate ;) You will get there, I just hope its sooner rather than later!
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