Getting the kids involved!


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Shot my 4th buck Saturday morning with Solwaystalker and also decided to do things properly and take the carcass home for the first time. Word had gone ahead and the kids (2 girls - 8 and 5) were waiting on the driveway to get a close look.

There was a bit of squealing when they first saw it but from then on I had 2 constant companions for the whole process. Maybe self-interest as I had to cannibalise part of their swing to rig up a means of suspending it from the garage ceiling! Feet and head off, skinning, jointing and then butchering - they watched the lot from as close as they could get and fired question after question (including a pizzle-obsessed line of interrogation from the 5-year-old... "where's it's willy?", "did you cut it of?!", "did you keep it?!?!"...:eek:)

The best bit? Last night they both asked if they could have some of the venison instead of chicken! A tenderloin between them - cooked pink with red wine and redcurrant jelly sauce - clean plates and proud smiles all round. :D


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Brilliant well done, just started my little lad helping with rabbit skinning, also lots of question...


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had my 4 year old come out as I was elbow deep in rabbits

"is that the blood of the rabbit?" said in a particularly evil voice as he saw the red stuff on the chopping board.
once confirmed it was clearly no longer exciting and he strolled off!


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It's a great feeling my 3 1/2 year old daughter gets involved with everything and loves eating game.
One of the first bucks I was skinning in her presence she asked if it was Bambi? Quick thinking I replied no this is Ronno the naughty deer who was fighting with Bambi. Her reaction "that's good daddy, so can I shoot Bambi?"
The face on the Mrs. was a picture