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Hi all,
I have just found out after completing a 2 year ND in Game and Wildlife Mgt that my future job or work experience has nearly fallen through.

I have been helping pheasant and grouse keepers since I was 11 and then got really into lamping and now stalking! I got a 17HMR and 243 when I was 17 and now have upgraded it even more since with a 22LR and a 223. I really want to do more stalking or really help stalkers but there are very few if any that are full time round my way. I have managed to shoot a couple of hinds in Perthshire and resently 3 roe does (well, in the winter) and find it brilliant to learn about managing them and preparing the deer for the larder and then the table. I have completed my DSC 1 at college and wrote many management plans for assignments and got the highest marks possible.
This job is in the balance and they have said there is a possibilty it can still go ahead but make other arrangements. So, I was woundering whether anybody here knew of somewhere that needs seasonal help until February or even longer (anywhere in the country). Or whether there were stalkers around Cumbria and the local counties that were going out a lot and didn't mind me tagging along to learn the ropes. I can drive so thats not a problem.

I can supply my CV, references and any other things you might require.

It would be fantastic if somebody can think of something or willing to help, I am in the process of sending off letters to large stalking estates in the country and parks and government authorities, etc, etc.

Many, many thanks



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You might send you CV to some of the national and your regional Chartered Surveyors estate management departments. That would certainly get your name in front of the people who manage masses of estates There's relatively few of them so that makes the job easier.

There will be loads of companies, go on and use the 'find a surveyor' link on the right of the home page, select rural on the company type and that will give you a good list.

A few ideas:

CKD Galbraith
Smiths Gore
Carter Jonas
Strutt & Parker

why not try the sporting Agents as well.

I wish you luck in your onward search.
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