Wanted: ghillie experience


Ok I'm just testing the water here and see how this go's I'm looking to learn all aspects of a deer stalkers ghillie I'm 41 and help a few keepers of the years but never had much experience of stalking\ghilling apart from the odd bit of stalking iv had or payed for I have dsc1 and hygiene certs large and small atv cert snarling cert. But still believe you can't beat learning the old fashioned way. Out in the field and not in a class room. Would love to learn all aspects of ghilling\stalker working with ponys cleaning heads etc I'm not looking to get payed for this. My payment would be learning the craft. Happy to lend a hand burning Heather. Etc aswell as a way of any keeper getting to know me before the start of the stage again would be grateful if I could find something local so I could offer more days or hours help. Perthshire and Angus or surrounding areas.

Thanks for taking time to read this. Any questions feel free to pm me will answer all questions openly and honestly