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Sold: Ghillie suit

.243 t3

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Not sure any interest in here but been sorting my old military kit out .
I have a one off custom Ghillie suit .
Was made for me to trial .
Looking for £250 for it posted .
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If you have a look around at what ghillie suits go for, it might be good quality but I think you will struggle at 250 mate, just saying.


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Don’t forget that the forces/government pay way over the top for anything. I had a set of thermal image gear on trial many years ago when togs was being developed and they cost £32k



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It is a tic suit, not much use unless you are hunting people or a predator. If it is of no real value to you I would suggest donating it to a museum. I would also reccomend checking the legalities of a civilian awning a thermal concealment suit.. Most likeley no issues but most suppliers of these will be wary of selling to civilians.
I think it is brilliant idea from a heat signature point of view, but could you imagine patrolling in a suit that will not allow heat out?

Presumably some heat must be able to escape or you'd go down with heat stroke

OK - for a static position in an OP I suppose

Would it be like working in a noddy suit (NBCD) ?


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