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Hi Everybody,
I am a left handed 60 year old who came late to stalking (50th present to myself!). Having been in the shotgun coaching business (10y) and currently C19th gun restoration trade (17y), I have lots of experience with shotguns but still learning every day about rifles. My go-to rifle (a 60th present to myself) is a LH Schultz & Larsen Victory in 7x57 but I use a Rem 700 LH in 270 win as my backup. Also use a Ruger No.1 light weight in 7x57 as my high ground rifle in Scotland. For pest control I have LH CZ Americans in both 22lr and 17HMR.
My main stalking experience is on Isle of Mull where I have stalked with friends each summer of the last 10 years for 2-3 weeks: all reds.
Locally I have stalked fallow, roe and muntjac and roe in SW Scotland and Yorkshire in the rut but not a great deal nor huge success.
Optics are generally a price/quality compromise: Zeiss Conquest on my S&L, Zeiss Terra on my R'No1 and I am trialing a upper-range Hawke on my 270 Win. Binos are Vortex Viper HD in 10x42.
Clothing by Fortis and Duckdry.
Sticks by Garden Centre!
Car by Landrover (Disco 3).
Dog by Labrador.
DSC1, currently registered for DSC2 both with BASC.
BASC Trade Member.
What more can I say?!


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Welcome to the site; I treated my self to a Schultz and Larsen Victory in 7x57 last year as well - very impressed with it.
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Thank you for your welcomes everybody.
Welcome to the site; I treated my self to a Schultz and Larsen Victory in 7x57 last year as well - very impressed with it.
I too am pleased with my S&L but I have two gripes: firstly if the bolt is closed when the safe is fully on, the bolt does not lock. This is shoddy engineering, it just needs a sniff more tension on the detent and the bolt lock would pop in its slot and hey presto. When I queried this with both the retailer and importer they told me that it was the 'industry standard' and , basically, get a life! My opinion is that I was not buying an 'industry standard' but a 'finely engineered rifle', not at that price anyway! Furthermore, we are talking safety, not aesthetics.
My second gripe is that the oil finish on the stock was far from complete and the chequering was patchy, especially on sharp bends where the CNC cutter couldn't follow the contours. Okay, this is what I do for a living so perhaps I am being picky but I have seen walnut rifle stocks at half the price much better finished.