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Does anybody have procedure for cleaning optics, be it scope, binoculars what ever. I have done a fair amount of searching on the net and find lots of conflicting information. I have always used the little cloth that comes with them but I do wonder if anyone has a cleaning routine that works for wet/soaked glass through to just a routine clean as part of regular maintenance.

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I always wash out bino's under a slowish cold run, then wipe out lenses with a lens wipe, dry off with a lens cloth, scopes get each lens inverted & squirt off with a pump spray lens wash, dry off with a lens cloth, all my glass is in pristine condition, just like it was purchased.

Jager SA

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This has come up before...pretty much as above. I have always run my glass under a warm shower with some light hand soap or Fairy, this removes any grease and also takes away any dust or grit. I then shake dry, use some tissue rolled up to a pointed stick almost to absorb and excess water, I do not buff the glass with it. I then use a quality lens spray. Never had any issues, just use care.


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Ok then gents cheers for the info, when I did a search I couldnt find anything relating to glass/lense care, what type of lesne wash are you using Steve?



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They make kits designed to carry in the field made my PECA

Cleaning your sight:

Scope exterior -
Clean the riflescope body with a clean cloth lightly moistened with clean

water. DO NOT use strong solvents. In the event of submersion in mud, sand or salt water

flush the outside of the scope with clean water to remove encrusted material or salt. If the

sight came with screw on turrets, install them before flushing. Wipe outside with soft clean


Lenses –
With the lenses facing down allow the debris to fall away from the surface, remove

loose dirt and dust with compressed air and or a lens brush. If there is grit stuck to the lens

that won’t come off with the compressed air or a brush, flushing the surface with distilled

water will prevent that grit from being rubbed into the glass by the cleaning swabs.

Using a soft clean lint free cotton swab or lens cleaning cloth and lens cleaning fluid applied

to the swab, clean the lens starting in the centre, working to the outside. Make only one pass

in the corner where the glass meets metal. Once you reach the corners of the lenses. Do not

re-use that swab as it will often contain abrasive grit. Repeat process until the lens is clean.

Use a small amount of cleaning solvent for the last pass to prevent streaks.

Replace the lens caps on your scope
to prevent the “blooming” from being accidentally removed

Danny Treacy

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Never use fairy, not even to wash a car. It has salt in it which will scratch glass, not visible to the naked eye perhaps but will damage the coating on lenses.



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Never use fairy, not even to wash a car. It has salt in it which will scratch glass, not visible to the naked eye perhaps but will damage the coating on lenses.


Probably the same with any washing-up liquid but I agree with washing as opposed to lens cleaners.

I wash my plastic lensed glasses with a light bathroom handwash and then just take off any droplets left by pressing with a clean towel or the end of a rolled up tissue. Works really well and the lenses show no signs of damage even after a couple of years.

I don't clean my 'scopes and binos very often apart from blowing the dust off and/or using a fine bristle brush with a wash as and when unavoidable.

's me.



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As for cleaning lenses I agree with above. Use blower bulb or compressed air to get rid of visible dust. Now as i spend all my life looking down a microscope i have unlimited access to lint free lense cleaning tissue, this is folded and then rolled onto the end of a cocktail stck, dipped in solvent normally alcohol, but meths is fine and starting at the centre of the lens radiate out till clean.

Breath on lens which is then removed by same process with dry piece of tissue.

Alternatively get to Lidl and by a pack of their spectacle cleaning wipes, magic and cost pence. Use as above.

If youhavent got lense covers then piece of cling film attached with rubber band will stop the objective from getting dusty.

Our microscope service engineer buffs up lenses with a chamois cloth.




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I use Lakeland plastics lens wipes you get 24 individual wipes and they clean my iPod, iPhone, binos, scopes,glasses and mirrors I can't say how good they are apart from their bloody fantastic bazil


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Why not contact the glass manufacturer and ask their advice on their product, that way you won't invalidate any warranty by using unsuitable products that may damage lens coatings or damage o rings or seals. Just my opinion but washing up liquid isn't recommended for car windscreens as it eventually spoils the rubber seal, unfortunately autoglass won't come out and fix your scope/bins when they start leaking:lol:


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Cleaning glasses (spectacles): fairy liquid and rinse under a hot tap. I may contain salt but since it's not a saturated solution it's unlikely to be solid.

Optical instruments: Alcohol (meths or malt whisky) after brushing off any dust. If it's covered in mud then maybe a rinse under a slightly warm tap. FFS don't use cold as it'll probably get in via the seals as it'll cool the tube / glass etc.

Perhaps try googleing for "cleaning optical lenses"
How to Clean Optics