GMT dog bed.


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I have a sprocker and red lab both bitches. I live in an old converted barn. It is no palace but it’s ours. We have no central heating, so at this time of the year the 5kw log burner stays on throughout the day & night to keep the house warm and dry. It’s more than adequate for heating the hole barn.

The dogs have a 1.5 square meter cosey alcove that is by the front door.
In the summer it’s ideal, as it’s nice and cool but in the winter on nights like we’ve just had, it can get a touch cool, even though they are in eye shot of the fire that is left on, on tick over. They have enough bedding and we always check they’re ears for body temperature. My good lady is a vet nurse, so as you would imagine, the dogs welfare is always in the forefront of our minds.

As an added precaution I recently manufactured a DIY heated bed for them so I thought I’d share how this was achieved in case anyone else has dogs sleeping on granite floors, or out buildings and want the added peace of mind:


X1 europallet
X2 240v tube heaters
Some loft or wall insulation
Few screws
Sheet of MDF or ply

I screwed the tube heater underneath (all fully PAT tested), added a load of wall insulation where it would fit and screwed a sheet of MDF to the top.

The result, no more cold dogs during winter nights and no more worrying from the good lady.

Hope it may help someone.


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