Go Pro Annoyance


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I guess these Go Pro type cameras can be really good for certain things.

But gentle folk, I urge you not to go onto somewhere like YouTube and look for something like "pheasant shooting". Amongst one or two interesting and well shot videos, there's a long rake of Go Pro jockeys. Mostly without a clue how to film something in an interesting and clear way. If I ever see the top rib of another over and under gun as it shoots at some blurry black spot careering across a grey, un focussed and uninspiring sky time after time, I swear I won't be responsible for my actions.

If you are one of these Go Pro jockeys, I expect that you get a fair amount of enjoyment watching back on your days activities. Fine, well and good. But it's a bit like the holiday snaps. Don't share it! :confused:


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It does get a bit frustrating flicking through blurred out videos because it is p***ing down rain or the bird looks like a dot as they have it in ultra wide view setting. I got a Go Pro for this season and can honestly say that I delete all those ones - who wants to watch them if they are not pleasing to watch?

On the other hand, some will want to keep these videos as a memento and these files take up great swathes of PC/laptop/hard drive memory. Youtube is one place they can put it to as a near inexhaustible and free data bank. I'm not there yet but once I run out of memory space on my devices there will be plenty of my videos showing mostly me shouting at the dog!